Intelligent responding to error screen associated errors2020-06-16US10684910Performing recognition processing using image data of the captured frames of image data to determine an error classifier associated to the error screen: determining one or more action based on the error classifier; and performing the one or more action in response to the determining.
Targeted profile picture selection2019-09-24US10425498Targeted profile picture selection includes providing for a first user of a messaging service contextual parameter categories upon which contextual messaging service profile picture selection for the first user is available to be made.
Programming assistance to identify suboptimal performing code and suggesting alternatives 2018-08-21US10055335A method, apparatus, and computer program product to improve testing of web interfaces where each page and point of interaction in the web interfaces are represented by Page Objects.
Peer-to-peer seed assurance protocol2018-06-12US9998534B2Computer-implemented methods and systems are provided for executing a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol.
User interface area coverage2017-08-15US9535822A method for user interface (UI) automation area coverage is presented.
Generation of vehicle height limit alerts2016-10-18US9472103A method includes identifying, by an electronic tolling system, a node.