Name Released Platform Description Preview
Odoo CSV Image Encoder 2020/11/06 Windows Bulk import images to Odoo. This program will encode images you reference in your CSV file to become part of the actual CSV so that you can bulk upload them to Odoo easier.
NIV Bible Reader 2013/06/09 Windows Metro This is a Windows 8 Metro app of the NIV Bible 2011. It has not been released on the Windows Store so please read the instructions in the archive to learn how to install it.
TVB Series Guide 2011-12-18 Windows, Linux Detailed list of all TVB dramas since 1980. Includes information such as the number of episodes, runtime, actors, theme songs, and the Wikipedia link by double clicking.
Calculus BC 2009-05-23 PHP A project for our high school calculus class I made back in the day using PHP.
Gollum Number Seven 2007-07-11 Windows A little slot machine game inspired by Gollum from Lord of the Rings.