Batman Riddles Game

Riddles was a story game developed for one of my university assignments. It consists of seven chapters with some minor tasks and riddles for you to pass. You may save the game at the end of every chapter. Note that two chapters in the game are incomplete and I have not had the time to finish them.

By downloading this app you agree to use it for personal use only. After downloading the .zip, extract the .apk file onto your phone or SD card, and then install it on your phone. By default, the app will install onto your SD card if one is mounted. When installing this app it will also ask for Internet and GPS permissions. They do not have to be enabled to play the game but it is used in certain parts of the game for map scenes.

Compressed in the .zip you will also find a text file containing answers for the riddles in case you get stuck for too long.

Download APK